Maryse Leloup

Key-user Digital Assessment, Educate-it, Utrecht University

Maryse LeloupMaryse is a 24-year-old enthusiast that studied Creative Writing and Educational Sciences. At the moment she is engaged in quite a lot of things, simply because she likes a lot of things: working in the field of education and e-assessment at the Utrecht University, playing guitar, playing Futsal, giving Futsal training sessions, organizing Jong&Out meetings, creating ideas…

At Co-create she will be an on-demand coach to help you exploring and developing your ideas and plans. In the last years she participated in the EduChallenge and in several other challenges and hackathons (both online and offline). She will be helping you on different aspects of the challenge. She will be there to give you feedback or help you with struggles or challenges you may encounter and give a boost to your creativity.